Airtime in Wi-Fi Explained

In this video I’ll explain what Airtime is and why it’s so important for Wi-Fi.It’s often overlooked or underrated by network engineers, but it is crucial to understand the concept and to know how to deal with it. WinFi Lite:

Wireless Update #002 – What’s The Deal With Kr00k?

Welcome to Wireless Update #002! In this episode I’ll talk about the recent Kr00k vulnerability. I’ll explain how it works, how it affects your network and how severe it actually is. Here are the sources and links for this video:The Kr00k vulnerability: whitepaper: Colemans blog: […]

Wireless Update #001

I’ve created a new series on The Wi-Fi Channel called Wireless Update to talk about news, technology, products and events regarding Wi-Fi and other things wireless. The first episode is now online, please watch, share and maybe like and subscribe.

Configuring Meraki IPSK with FreeRADIUS

Last week Meraki announced some exciting new security features on their platform. One of these features is Identity PSK (or IPSK) with RADIUS for Wi-Fi, their own proprietary implementation of a Personal Pre-shared Key infrastructure, generally referred to as PPSK. This type of security infrastructure can leverage an […]

Trying to catch OFDMA

These past few days have been pretty crazy. First of all I’ve attended my first WLPC (Wireless LAN Professionals Conference) ever, which was already an amazing experience. Then on the first conference evening I went to the Wi-Fi 6 party which François Vergès and Rowell Dionicio from the […]